2019/2020 Rehearsals Begin:   September 9, 2019

When:  Monday nights, 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. 

Where: John H. Schoen Rehearsal Hall, 238 Avenue V. North, Saskatoon, SK

Fees: $175 per year, payable in September.

All members are responsible for returning their music folders immediately after each performance.  Each member will be assigned a numbered folder.  Members are responsible for the replacement cost of any missing music or folders.

The orchestra is a registered non-profit organization managed by a board of directors.

Financial information available upon request.

Member Expectations PDF:  TBA


The Saskatoon Philharmonic traditionally performs twice a year.

Dress rehearsals

Dress rehearsals take place the afternoon prior to the evening performance.  Details to be announced prior to performance date.  Don't dress up.

Performance Apparel

Please wear appropriate performance dress.  This consists of a black ensemble (black slacks, trousers, or skirts - worn with black shoes and a black shirt or blouse).  Men may wear a black suit or black tuxedo if they wish, with a black shirt.

Please add a small touch of colour (of your choice).  Suitable suggestions include such items such as neckties, pocket handkerchiefs, a scarf or a belt.

New Members

Interested in joining?  Come and check us out during one of our Monday night rehearsals!


The AGM will be held in the Concert Band Hall on: TBA